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Affordable Rural Housing in Stisted

Upper Salters – Rural Affordable Housing

The eight affordable homes constructed by Marfleet Construction for Hastoe Housing at Upper Salters were all occupied shortly after the builders handed over the site to Hastoe Housing Association in early September 2014.

These homes were built because Stisted Parish Council recognised there was a need for this type of housing in the village to ensure that good quality properties were available to rent or part purchase by those who were unable otherwise to purchase or rent a property on the open market in the village.

To qualify to reside in one of the homes an applicant must be on the Braintree District Council housing register. Priority to occupy one of the homes is given to those on the housing register with a close local connection to the village.

While the properties are all presently occupied and there is no restriction on the length of the tenancies, a resident may at some stage in the future wish to move. When this time comes and there is no knowing when this may come about, anybody who wants to bid for the property will need to be on Braintree’s housing register at the time the property becomes available and is advertised through Gateway to Homechoice as there will not be enough time to progress a new housing register application.

So if you or someone you know may wish to occupy one of the homes in Upper Salters at sometime in the future make sure the name of the person is on Braintree’s housing register and remains as an active applicant. As a vacancy comes in, Hastoe will let the parish council know of this, so that people can then bid on the Gateway to Homechoice scheme.

Stisted Parish Council ensured that these homes would be made available to Stisted people now and in the future.

Priority is given to Stisted residents or those with a close local connection who are on the housing register. All the present occupiers of the homes qualified on this basis so let us keep the homes at Upper Salters for people with a local connection.

To be on the housing register, the initial application must be made online at Braintree District Council will then make contact with the applicant to finalise the registration.

If anybody needs further information please contact either Braintree District Council or Hastoe Housing Association (0300 123 2250)

Derek Burrell


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