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Sometimes, things are just not quite as good as they could be. Someone may have fly tipped some rubbish in a layby, or you hear of a theft. Maybe a street lamp has broken or you have witnessed some vandalising. Either way, we want you to report it. Some things can be reported directly to the agencies that work to resolve issues, such as highways, missed refuse collections.

Below you will find links to the appropriate on-line reporting tools together with an indication of what can be reported to them. If you’re not sure where something should be reported, let us know using the Stisted on-line form.

This section is for just that. Report the issue and we will try and deal with it as quickly as possible. We will acknowledge receipt of your message and also let you know the outcome.

Where to report (and what):

Highways Problems

HIGHWAYS: damage to bridges, structures, culverts or subways; overgrown vegetation; damaged bus stops, bins, benches,fences, barriers or bollards; damaged or missing manhole covers; flooding and blocked drains, traffic lights; fly-tipping, abandoned vehicles; potholes, damaged footpaths and kerbs; obstructions.

  • To report a new highway issue to us you should complete the online form. (Please do not use other websites to report highway issues to us as these are not recorded into our system).
  • To review the status of a previously reported highway issues, by either a reference number or searching the location, click here.
  • If you would like help using these online reporting systems, click here to watch a ‘how to video’ – please note that this video is held on youtube and we cannot be held responsible for any other videos that may be played.

BRAINTREE DISTRICT COUNCIL: Environmental Health (noise, bonfire, air quality and pollution); Pest Control (wasps/hornet nests, dog warden service, dead animals on the highway) click here

Dog Fouling

Unfortunately, we can sometimes see a rise in dog fouling in the village. Stisted Parish Council supply free dog poop bags which can be obtained from the village shop. Dog fouling can be reported anonymously to Braintree District Council by clicking here.

PARISH COUNCIL: street lights within Stisted; Public Rights of Way (footpaths, byways and bridleways); playing field and equipment; pavilion. Click here

If you are unsure or have any queries, please contact the Parish Clerk


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